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2006 Humanitarian Rose Award for Social Entrepreneurship

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The People

Ol Malo Trust has a number of devoted supporters committed to its long-term success.

Julia Francombe was born and brought up in the Laikipia area, a vast tract of land bordering Samburuland in Northern Kenya. After education in England, she returned home to Ol Malo and became increasingly involved in the health and welfare of the Samburu, setting up the Ol Malo Trust in 2000. Julia was awarded the 2006 Humanitarian Rose Award for Social Entrepreneurship (PDF), bestowed by The People’s Princess Charitable Foundation, Inc. in recognition of her tireless work to improve the lives of the Samburu people of Northern Kenya and to create economic sustainability for the Samburu community, particularly its women and children.

Colin Francombe was born in Kenya and has spent most of his adult life living on ranches in the north. Colin bought a large tract of land neighbouring the Samburu tribe in 1992, and he and his wife, Rocky, now run the Ol Malo lodge (see www.olmalo.com), an eco-tourism venture. Colin and Rocky are very involved with the local Samburu people - helping and advising them on many matters including animal husbandry and water development, as well as working closely with Julia, their daughter, and the Ol Malo Trust.

Joanna Hechle. Ol Malo Trust Nkaretoni (Assistant) - based in Nairobi, Kenya. Born and brought up in Kenya, Jo graduated with a 2:1 in English and Publishing from Oxford Brookes University, England, and has 15 years of experience in office management, PR and fund-raising, in both London and Nairobi. Jo assists Julia with Trust administration and fund-raising on a part-time basis.

Peter Mugao (profile written by the Samburu) is a Meru by tribe, who live in the foot of Mt. Kenya. Joined the Sampiripiri Art Workshop at 2001. Helped the women in the bead work till they obtain their knowledge of beading. He, despite being a Meru, has learnt to work with the Samburu women and Julia. He is positive and always happy in his work in running the Sampiripiri Art Workshop.

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